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Island Time Fashion takes pride in it's roots. From the humble beginnings of Nan Patterson, to the current gloabal presence of our clothing line. The ability to provide consistent, affordable, and beautiful Island Attire in FL has been and always will be our goal. 

You know our clothing, now here's a little bit about who we are, and where we came from!

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About Nan Patterson

Greg, Mama Nan & Pop
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In January of 2013 , Nan Patterson opened her first little gift shop in a very modest area. It was just big enough for herself and a few odds and ends. With the help of her long time best friend, confidant and loving husband Mr. Ken Patterson, a Nationally ranked race car driver, a dream started to unfold on Pine Island, Florida. Pine Island being tucked away in a seemingly quaint area just below Boca Grande and Sanibel Island’s prestige waters. The best way to describe Pine Island would be: Key West 50 years ago, full of writers, poets, artists and your local fisherman abound.
   PRESS RELEASE, Gulf Coast Woman 02/2017     ALL THE RIGHT STUFF   

After getting to know Nan Patterson from Alabama the daughter of a very humble struggling lower class family, this is a woman not to be taken lightly. As I once heard in my youth, "you will either claim to be a victim in life do to attending the school of hard knocks, or you will rise above them all to be a great contributor to your community and success to those around you."

Nan Patterson is no exception to that rule. You will find it hard pressed to hear anyone that has ever met her to say that she is not only a brilliant business woman, but a fierce friend and major contributor to her community.

"Island Time Fashions continues to be a no-brainer when it comes to Mens Beachwear in Florida."

Her store was just a small place featuring gifts, hand painted goods, jewelry, and one small rack of clothes. A few brave explores ventured in and loved looking at all the things, but mainly it was the relationship than Miss Patterson would have in developing true earnest friendships with everyone that walked through her door. Eventually through listening intently to her clients, there was a pattern was emerging in a huge demand for unique fashions, clothing and accessories. Why is this such a big deal I asked myself while talking to Mrs. Patterson? What’s wrong with just going to one of the larger commercial clothing stores? They're more convenient to everyone right off the island? Well, as I found out and the other reason Island Time Fashions is so sought after is due to the extreme unique, colorful, custom cut and designed world renowned designers that Mrs.  Patterson takes the pain staking time to research and go around the country to bring to her exclusive and charming little shop. Her fashions are the next best thing to walking into a custom made clothing store in Europe that are made to fit. Some of her fashions are so unique that there is only one piece. For example, she showed me a piece by a designer that she has a wonderful relationship with, that actually takes beautiful pieces of clothing from the wardrobe of famous Broadway plays. The designer integrates them into a piece of beach wear or a fun, unique, one of a kind, fun skirt. I mean you’re actually wearing a part of something that was on stage on Broadway from the Phantom of The Opera, or LesMiserbles, or Cats, only to be dorand by the most elegant and fun individuals. As we spoke further and I began to see the uniqueness of her fashions I began to realize it’s no wonder that not only is her store sought out by any that know of her, but also being one of the leading most sought after stores to run and host a needed firts class fashion show. Island Time Fashions does this all over the state of Florida. There fashion shows are done with amazing class and great poise. Mrs. Patterson brought on staff to make her fashion shows like the fashions she carries. Ran and orchestrated by Carolyn Clark, former Miss. Ohio, professional entertainer, singer, model and comedian all wrapped up in one incredible energetic person.
While Mrs. Patterson is pulling the fashions back stage there is Miss. Clark, singing and hosting the fashion shows as Island Time Fashions models serenade around the room at an exclusive woman’s tea party or fund raiser. As I looked at the two of them it was an apparent winning team. Mrs Patterson’s store has now tripled in size in the last 4 years now and is expanding again do to public demand.

"Nan Patterson has provided a unique and really just a fun place to find all kinds of Island Attire here in Florida"

"I had a chance to meet Mr. and Mrs. Patterson’s Godson Greg, nickname "Buck". An outgoing and charismatic man with a tremendous back ground working with some of the world’s largest businesses that stemmed from New York City, Colorado, California to the tip of Florida. He saw what was going on and realized that Mrs. Patterson “His Momma” had a tiger by the tail. He felt it was time to give the store an International presence. Greg took on the task learning, developing and designing their entire online web store. Now everyone across the globe, local residents and the ever growing snowbird population can participate in having such unique fashions and gifts whenever it fits their fancy. The store online address is,​​ ​​ "

"Every now and then I find a website that I have to tell my friends about before they beat me to the punch. Island Time Fashions and their awesome Mens Beachwear is that place!"

"Nan Patterson and her staff are known to help every customer that comes through the door.  Using their fashion expertise to find just the right outfit for any occasion, in a personal, friendly and caring way. Some ladies just stop by to visit because of her boutiques happy atmosphere. The possibilities seem endless for Nan Patterson, and now they are growing even more with the expansion of adding some men’s island fashions. I can see how it’s quite the challenge to keep the racks full with something new. The local ladies joke, is to just follow the UPS truck to Island Time! New things arrive almost daily and get sold just as fast!

​To wrap up my time at Island Time Fashions & Gifts, I would have to say that the most unique attributes I noticed about Nan Patterson is she never loses her southern charm. Her special gift of letting one know there is a beautiful person in all of us. I left there today wanting more and feeling a sense of warmth and overall joy."